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Moving on.......

Whether we are aware or not,,,,, there are unexpected things which can prey upon us and take our breath away. These things, people or times can cause us to lose our footing, our step, our stride, and ability to navigate day and night. We can't see the future without the tears welling up in our clouded vision.

I was in the midst of putting this site together, creating content and making changes when I received unexpected news. It was a shock and affected me more than just emotionally. So over the past month and a half, I immersed myself in work and isolated while I tried to navigate the loss.

I often use images and analogies to tell a story, to evoke emotion and to help others perhaps get through things I've recently experienced. (what I went through was animal, but not wildlife related)

I am not sure I will ever be to tell the tragic story which has broken my heart. Only a few know, for I can't even bring myself to share with some of my most trusted friends. But a few know. And for you I am grateful for the support.

Sometimes the best is for me is to heal through spending time in nature, and revisiting past days with wild horses. Nature can be incredible medicine and provide a healing that nothing else compares. In this series of 3 images below - I am drawing a comparison to difficult times when we are put off guard by something we never saw coming.

We get thrown off by first the shock, we lose our balance, and then that it takes our breath away. To save ourselves and preserve our hearts- we power and do the hard work to push past the situation or rid ourselves of the person(s) who caused pain. Then if by the power of someone watching over,,,,there is one or several, who step in to help. They become the road block or the shield that prevents that situation or person from keeping us under the proverbial current. They will protect to prevent us from being further victimized.

This wild mustang, as mustangs do (instigates), often play not just banter. They unlike humans do this innately - to learn the ways of survival. It is not with as humans, done of malicious intent. The siblings taunt one another, stallions and mares give a swift kick to push away others when they don't have the tolerance, or to distract one instigator from continuing to pick on or taunt another loved one in the band.

This series was taken October of 2022. The band stallion was once a shy boy who was never far from mom. He stayed with his birth band far longer than most. Almost 3 years before he was emancipated and forged on to find his own family. Here he peacefully naps off to the side. He is a confident band stallion and knows his mares and the colts will handle things. Just like us, our parents, by blood or adopted, don't always need to nor are they there to help us navigate challenges.

This makes me smile......and I take these little moments and tuck them into my heart to give me strength on the sad and tough days.

I am grateful, the past two months, my passion for advocating for people in my job and my free time in nature have given me solace. Friends who listen and are always in my heart, whether near or far - in human and animal form save me everyday.

For the rest,,,,,,,enjoy watching what we as families and friends go through- similar to wildlife families- by peering into their lives. I find wild life in nature far more healing than counseling, or a self help book- and definitely not anything I find looking at a computer. However, if I am editing images of my days with them or telling their stories, yes that too is cathartic.

I hope you can get out into nature on days when you feel less than good. I promise there is nothing like fresh air and to watch such magnificence which are all free and priceless gifts. Please remember to stay at the required distance from any wild animals, wild mustangs or others in our national parks and when traveling. Leave only footprints, and take nothing with you but memories. Peace


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