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After years of photographing people and events, my focus evolved and shifted. As an animal advocate, I want to shed light on animals in the rescue world. I began taking photographs of rescue dogs and pets.


In 2015 I was introduced to the fight for  Wild Mustangs. I have chosen a photojournalistic approach to share their stories. It is my hope to increase awareness and inspire others to get involved and join the fight for their salvation.

In 7 years of documenting, I've been blessed to witness Wild Mustang Families elicit magic

that is purely poetic. Because of this, I have taken my past creative background to put together a fine art series. Whether you prefer more natural photographs or those that are more abstract, my goal is they evoke raw emotion. 

Next to each nature image, are their stories.  

For fine art photographs, I share my poetry.


I'm fascinated with the art of photography.  Every face, place and event creates a moment to share, with memories imprinting on our hearts forever.

For every mustang print purchased, a portion of proceeds are donated to the wild mustang 

cause and Guide Star Rated 501C3 

nonprofit rescues/sanctuaries

who are near and dear to my heart.

Please feel free to reach out to learn more about

wild mustangs, available/coming soon series, 

or to book portrait sessions


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