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I'll never forget my first camera. It was a used Canon film camera that I took everywhere. During this time I became fascinated with people and telling their stories. Over the years, I've traveled throughout the US, Canada and Europe photographing candid images of people, places and documenting events for my own use. 


When I moved to Canada, friends began asking me to take photographs of them, their families, pets. The look on

their faces when they saw the photographs inspired me to continue. So many people feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, they feel awkward when its not a controlled

selfie. In order to capture raw emotion, and what makes them unique and special, I spend time getting to

know them before a session. 

If it is authentic, then that frozen moment in time becomes more than a picture. It reveals their story, and that is beautiful. Modern technology and social media has changed the landscape of true storytelling. Everything is now enhanced, filtered, posed, and planned. To create something special to last a lifetime, I think outside of the box to give life to a two dimensional image, and recreate every special moment. 

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